Monday, August 21, 2017

Lazy Lakeside Days

One day and an atrocious sunburn later I am back with my little (or maybe *squints*...not so little) photo dump. I have some cool stuff planned out for the remainder of August and so nice things will be coming your way soon!  I do not have the luxury of a camera so I am teaching myself to bring photography to it's highest iphone 5 camera state. No filters unless mentioned. *smiles*
 Now let me sweep you away to ze beautiful laziness of lakeside days, will you?Image result for bow gifs


After a long car ride with the squabbling children this view is a soothing relief. You find many people fishing around here and boating. One neat boat had a slide off it but unfortunately I couldn't catch that!

Isn't the weathered wood...relaxing?

And the big picture, not so grand. Perspective is like magic!

The yellow sunlight streaming through the leaves is so gorgeous. There was a gentle breeze blowing that overpowered the humidity, it was really pleasant.

Little sister reading the guide to local fish.

Then the beach, I caught a photo before it became crowded and before we swam.

Ack so much delicious gourmet food! There were at least five kinds of bread, homegrown veggies, shish kebobs, farmer's market cheese, yummy drinks and so much was picnic at its best.

Colorful tomatoes and sparkly water :)))

 Oh my word, dessert was incredible. Sadly I didn't get a pic of everything but this oh-so-most chocolate cake.  Brown sugar cookies, and watermelon and oranges and sponge cake roll with strawberry jam...boy I have the best clan ever.

(filter) Getting ready to head out and swim.

 (filter) My attempt at being aesthetic...and look it's a trashcan. *frowns and shakes finger* No photo bombing sir.

(filter) Also me trying to be aesthetic and trying to banish the diving rules sign with my eyes xP

This was priceless! Me and my sister with her friend kept hearing the ice cream truck song and looking around and finally we found it was ice cream boat. How charming! :))


Well anyway thus ends my photo dump! Let's talk below and tell me if you are viewing the solar eclipse today!!! (Btw if you have eclipse glasses be sure to check if you can see daylight, if you can then they are fake and will hurt don't use those! Please please be careful peeps, you can go blind by unsafe viewing! )

 They saw the works of the Lord,
    his wonderful deeds in the deep.

(Psalm 107:24)

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Dream Blogger Party Tag

I have been commenting around the blogosphere and am firmly convinced that this is the best tag ever created in the history of tags. And lo and behold its incredibly creative creator...Abigail Lennah!  Also ALL the visuals and headers in this post were made by her and OMW aren't they so cute and gorgeous? So all credits go to her, none of these pictures are mine. 

NASHVILLE// Hands down Nashville. It would be the adorable town with all the shops and music and places to explore that bloggers dream about. It's not too far for the East Coasters, which consist the majority of known bloggers but its worth the trek for West Coasters and I would do anything to get the Aussies and New Zealanders amongst the rest. *flies in with the private plane*
Probably the best accommodation choice would be homey neighbouring lakeside cabins, like the ones at Nashville Lake Shore Resort.

I'm going to cheat a bit and list food genres :P

DRINKS// Tea, Coffee, and Ice Tea and those cool fruit drinks in aesthetic bottles

BREAKFAST FOOD//  Waffles AND Pancakes, don't worry I love both. *face of innocence* And fruit salad and AHH every single delicious breakfast food.

DINNER/LUNCH // Chips and dip, potluck food, grilled stuff.
Boy I cheated ^ xD

Hard choices!

TWENTY ONE PILOTS// Everyone loves this band so that would be a must
PIANO GUYS (OK, Cello-LoopA, That's What Makes You Beautiful) // The fun beats of these songs would be a must for crazy dancing.
HILLSONG WORSHIP// Can you see everyone flailing with eyes closed to the awesomeness of these songs? *grins at the thought*
 MUSICALS/MOVIE SCORE MUSIC // We would be singing along to our favorites from Lion King, and all the other favorite cartoons, musicals, and films...I'm sure there would be a mysterious occurrence of sombre LOTR film music inserted into the playlist.
ASSORTED DANCE BEATS // Some assorted great clean dance songs, whether oldies, pop or indie.

TALKING // We would be chattering like jaybirds, even the most introverted one of us would be coming out of their shell in excitement of the moment. We would exchange contacts, and for those of us who discover we live in the same states, bonds would be made. Friendships would bloom.

READING/WRITING // We would spend evenings on hammocks and benches by the lake and snuggle up to read and write. There would be quiet whispers of enthusiasm, some might even share a beloved book...or give writing advice.

WANDERLUST // We would be wandering around the town taking pictures, screaming aesthetic at every cute thing. There would be endless sights and shops and places to visit. Some of us would split up and there would be memory sharing at the campfire at night.We might even stay up late one night to stargaze and talk about life.

VLOGS: Since we can always cooperate a post through email, we would do what we can't do so easily when we are far away...videos. There would be endless videos and pictures of our venue, we would come up with impromptu tags and each run to an aesthetic corner to film, we might even film a huge music video together and sing no matter how badly. I could see Abiee strumming the uke accompanied by yours truly on the violin. Whoever else has musical talent or fingers to hit a drum, a voice to sing would join. It would be like a fountain of craziness.

CRAZINESS OR QUIETNESS // Well to cope with the awkwardness of first meetings, there would either be a huge silence or there would be awkward craziness and we'd be a bit too excited and loud at first. There would be the strange moments of not being able to insert XD or flail on command within asteriks. We'd have to get used to each other's true personalities.

HARD GOODBYES // It would be very hard to say goodbye, we would all be planning for the next time and much of the upcoming year's posts would be hinting back to the fun of last year and awaiting the next Blogger Party.

Please do this! Not only is it awesome, but I want to see YOUR answers :)



A friend loves at all times
(Proverbs 17:17)